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Level up your Amazon Dropshipping skills with DS Guru

A New Learning Experience

Establish a profitable Amazon Dropshipping business in weeks

Start your own Amazon Dropshipping Business from Pakistan. We are teaching the secrets and sharing this hidden knowledge with you so that you can develop your own business model. During this class, you’ll learn a full set of Amazon Dropshipping techniques that DS Guru uses to grow his own Amazon stores. This class pushes your skills and takes you from beginner to advanced Dropshipping.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

Philip Reyes

The DS Guru course covers the following:

1. Amazon Business Basics
2. Introduction to dropshipping on Amazon
3. Step-By-Step Amazon Seller Account Creation & Setup
5. Overview of Amazon account metrics
6. Amazon Scanning Apps & Other Supplies
7. Amazon Categories & Ranks
8. Amazon Buybox Tactics
9. How to use inventory and order management tools
10. Software Toolkit
11. LLC Creation & Worldwide Tax Exemption Service
12. Scaling Your Dropshipping Store
13. Managing everyday operations
14. Product research/Hunting techniques & Tools
15. Top 15 Exclusive Suppliers List
16. Following Amazon, guidelines to avoid suspensions
17. Product Worth Evaluation
18. Amazon Product Pricing Techniques
19. Amazon Product Listing Techniques
20. Amazon Account Management
21. Amazon Account Health Management
22. Order processing
23. Product Shipping
24. Customer service management
25. Customer Service Scripts
26. Profit Calculator & Accounting Template
27. How to increase profit
28. How to increaser sales
29. Advance topics – VA, suspensions, returns, etc

On top of these regular topics, you will also get access to a private Facebook group to help you along the way

Is this Amazon Dropshipping Course Affordable?

Due to the less cost, it’s comfortable to become profitable with dropshipping a lot faster than other business models.
Amazon dropshipping is the feature provided by amazon to the recognized seller having the maintained account with amazon. It is a complete program offer by amazon to the sellers in which Amazon holds the inventory and makes the easy shipment to the customers. as a seller, you have to create an Amazon account and ship your inventory to Amazon. The purpose of this program is to ensure the fastest delivery to the customer and helps in the order taking or maintaining inventory. If you are new to the amazon selling program, then Amazon dropshipping training in Multan offer the best way to learn and start selling products even faster.

Why this course?

The purpose of selling and enrolling with the Amazon program is to expand the business and learn new growth opportunities. The main purpose of the amazon drop shipping course in Pakistan is to provide people pathway to learn and earn through Amazon.

Do you offer online sessions for the Amazon drop shipping course?

Yes, we offer online sessions for the course that candidates will join during the live session through a link shared by the coordinator at the scheduled period.

Do you offer online registration or enrollment?

Yes, you can enroll yourself in the program through online registration and pay the fee through Bank or Jazz cash. Moreover, you can visit the office for further queries.

Who this course is for?

Anyone looking to make an income online.

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